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Delivery program fittings EN

According to the current European standard EN 10253-2, we store weld-on fittings such as concentric reducers, eccentric reducers, T-pieces and much more. We supplement the Type A degree of utilization variant that we have in stock with the short-term procurement of fittings according to Type B customer specifications.
Ask for our offer for your needs in a seamless design of all dimensions and wall thicknesses up to an outside diameter of 609.60 mm.
Do you need larger parts in a welded design? We will calculate an individual offer for you based on the current conditions.

PM Fittings Produkte Fittings EN

Delivery program fittings DIN

PM Fittings Produkte Fittings DIN

Our stock of fittings in sizes 21.30 mm to 609.60 mm according to DIN includes concentric and eccentric reducers, T-pieces (also in stock up to an outside diameter of 609.60 mm), normal-walled to thick-walled saddles, welding flanges and caps or dished ends according to the following standards :

  • DIN 2616-2-K
  • DIN 2616-1-E
  • DIN 2616-2-E (full utilization)
  • DIN 2615-1
  • DIN 2615-2 (full utilization)
  • DIN 2617
  • DIN 2618 (formerly similar)
  • DIN 28011

Delivery program fittings ANSI / ASME

The range of fittings according to the American standard ANSI/ASME B16.9 starts with an outside diameter of ½ inch (21.34 mm) and ends at 24 inches (609.60 mm). Concentric and eccentric reducers, T-pieces (up to an outside diameter of 20″ in stock) and caps are immediately available.

PM Fittings Produkte Fittings ANSI ANSME